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Clinic of Modern Surgery CMS is a health maintenance and rehabilitation center, which meets requirements of European standards and is equipped with modern medical equipments and technologies. The Clinic is operating since 2007; this is one of the first clinics of Armenia, which is set up in accordance of the model of the best clinics.

Here the best and skilled professionals will take care of the maintenance and rehabilitation of your health.

You will be provided with the appropriate high quality medical services, as well you will deserve whole staffs' conscientious and respectful attitude.

The Clinic is cooperating with all insurance companies.

Our Services

Consultation for free.
Endoscopic and laser technologies in practice.
Standard preoperative laboratory and instrumental examinations are carried out at place.
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
General surgery
Orthopedics and traumas
Vascular surgery
Facial surgery
ENT surgery
Ophthalmic surgery
Anesthesiology and intensive care unit (ICU)
Membrane plasmapheresis